At Bare | Body | Beauty,

We strive to incorporate and achieve a variety of environmentally orientated and beneficial goals and mediums.

For example, through concepts like our production and packaging , we are pursuing a reduction in plastic output and a zero tolerance on waste. To achieve this, we advertise and demonstrate bulk refills on a majority of our products such as our popular and delightful scrubs. These come in 500g capacity tubs and can be refilled. From recycling your empty bottles and tubs, this ultimately saves packaging which decreases waste produce. Currently, all refills are at an offer of 15% off while lip balm refills are at a wonderful offer of 50% off. Another step that we take towards reducing waste is our involvement and partnership with 'Terracycle', our stores are now collection points for all your beauty products empty packaging. It doesn't matter what brand or size, everything from shampoo bottles to empty eyeshadow pallets can be dropped to B2 of our two stores and then shipped off (at no cost) to be recycled or upcycled.

Kombucha - 'Immortal Elixir of Youth'

At our store, we have recently begun the sale of the incredible drink, Kombucha. This pro- biotic achieves numerous health benefits such as:

- A vast improvement in digestion.

-Detoxifying and cleansing qualities.

-An alleviation in addictions.

-An increase in energy and mood.

-An increase in the absorption of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

The drink is available in two refreshing flavours, 'Passion Booch' and 'Zingy Booch'. (Passion fruit & Ginger and lime) It is recommended that you consume 1 regular sized cup of Kombucha a day however it is completely down to personal preference (there are approximately 3.2g of sugar in every 100ml).

Due to the pricey import of the bottles, we price the entire purchase of a litre of Kombucha at $21. An empty litre bottle at a price of $7 and the drink itself at $14. Likewise, the similar price structure, 2 litres of Kombucha is at a total price of $32. An empty 2 litre bottle at a price of $10 and the drink at $22. We suggest that you return these bottles when you are ready for more, so that we can simply fill them for the individual price of the Kombucha. The bottles are amber therefore they are light- reflective which enables the pro- biotic to thrive.  








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