This is a tale of lemons and Hot Threesomes. The safe-for-work kind.


Lemons. Now, there’s a fruit that gets a bad rap. You’ve got the whole “make lemonade”, analogy. They’re likened to a dodgy car, a malfunctioning product and are often used to describe misfortune or adversity. Call us crazy (don’t, we’re really sensitive) but we think this citrusy scapegoat needs to hire some Don Draper level PR because honestly, this thing has gone far enough.


Everybody knows that lemons are responsible for far more good than bad! Uh, hello? Lemon curd. And they’re pricey! Should this proverbial ‘life’ really be flinging something at your face that cost upwards of 5 buckaroos a kilo?! Who’s the manager here? The sensible choice would have to be the potato…


Anywhoo, our point being, luck really is a matter of perspective. Take Donna Jennings, for example. When life and love opened fire with nature’s yellow hand-grenades, Donna quickly commanded “Make mine organic!” and she turned those little pesticide-free suckers into Lemon and Lavender Face Scrub.


You see, Donna Jennings is the EVERYTHING behind the local skin care sensation, Bare Body Beauty Co.The Fold recently had the pleasure of chatting with Donna and hearing her extraordinary story. Lucky for you, we love to share!


Bare Body Beauty Co is skin care, uncomplicated. It’s as simple as that.


Where? Located in Berrima - in the cutest little shopfront you ever did see, as well as within the funky Mill complex in downtown Bowral, Bare Body Beauty has taken pure and natural beauty to the next level.


How so? Every scrub, balm, bar, oil and spray is lovingly handmade by Donna right here in the Southern Highlands. Ok, you say, loads of businesses make their own products. True… but do they distil their own water? Do they use homegrown, unsprayed rose petals to make rosewater? Do they pick their own organic lemons from a local orchard and do they do all of this while rocking the socks off single motherhood? Sounds hectic, right? Well, just ask Donna and she will tell you, it most certainly is – but this all-or-nothing approach is beginning to pay off for her little family. That is, after-all, the point.


A bit of background. Back in 2014, soon after the birth of her beautiful baby girl, Kamdyn, Donna found herself single, broke and more than a bit lost. Along with her lovely son, Linden, Donna had little choice but to move in with her parents. A difficult decision to make but completely necessary both financially and in order to regroup and contemplate how she was going to make a life for her family.


Lightbulb moment! One morning, with Linden at school and Kamdyn sleeping, Donna had the thought to make herself a body scrub using whatever she could rustle up from the pantry. Money was tight so Donna grabbed what she could, including the remnants of an Aldi coffee pod and went to town. And, it worked! Standing in the shower, covered in old coffee and loving it, Donna saw a way forward. She saw hope and a chance to build a future for her kids. Almost immediately she enrolled herself in cosmeceuticals and business courses and began building her legacy. Are you sensing a theme here? Donna does not do anything by halves!


The now. Fast forward to today and Bare Body Beauty has just opened a second store, delivers to customers across the country, supplies product to over 30 specialty stores, pharmacies, day spa’s and gift shops around NSW and interstate. The product range has come a long way from used coffee pods. (Although the Organic Coffee Body Scrub is here to stay!). BBB Co now creates (from scratch!) everything from face scrubs, body butters and lip balms to insect repellents, charcoal toothpaste and even a hair range including dry shampoos, coconut bar shampoo and head lice treatments!


Pure. Keep in mind that the only preservative used in BBB products is salt and that aside from ethically sourced beeswax, everything you find at Bare Body Beauty is vegan, including the deeeelicioussss range of Bare Bites (sugar free, dairy free, gluten free!!) cakes and slices available at the Bowral store.


Eco-friendly. A seriously significant and inspiring aspect of BBB Co is its commitment to sustainability. In 2017, Donna took home the Environmental Sustainability Award at the Southern Highlands Local Business Awards. Both the Berrima and Bowral stores are fit-out with recycled and reimagined materials. The vast majority of products sold are available in tubs which are refillable in Bowral - at a 10% discount. We needyou to know that they’re called Scrub Tubs (cute!) and they have been designed with vinyl labels so that they can go in the dishwasher. We LOVE us a dishwasher safe container!! Other ZERO waste items include bamboo straws and reusable, 100% cotton face pads made in-house. Impressive, no?!.


Organic. A substantial part of Donna’s clientele has arisen from her ability to customise her products for skin conditions such as eczema and for specific allergies and sensitivities. Combined with an affordable price tag, exceptional product range and a level of customer service that has to be experienced to be believed – Bare Body Beauty Co is an absolute standout. Drop in and say hi to Donna and her fabulous team. Tell them The Fold sent you!


Oh, that’s right. We mentioned our Hot Threesome. It’s one of six cheeky and delicious Kombucha flavours available on tap at BBB Co Bowral. Why? What were you thinking? xx


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