Bare Deodorant Summer Citrus Bare Deodorant Summer Citrus
Bare Deodorant Summer Citrus Bare Deodorant Summer Citrus

Bare Deodorant Summer Citrus



A natural deodorant in the same conventional roll-on packaging for your convenience! Our natural roll-on deodorant ALLOWS the body to sweat and is free of aluminium!! For people who have used conventional antiperspirant deodorant before and are making the switch to natural, aluminium free deodorant! We use tea tree oil as an ingredient which helps to prevent and reduce a build up of bacteria (body odour) under the arms as it has antiseptic properties. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, stopping our skin from sweating (antiperspirant) can be damaging to our defence system! Sweat is our body’s natural response to releasing toxins from within the body! Body odour (BO) occurs from a lack of washing under the arms properly! Use our Himalayan salt bar to wash effectively under the arms to reduce and prevent BO. Charcoal and tea tree are also good agents when washing under the arms to prevent and reduce body odour! Once your body has detoxed from conventional deodorant and is used to our roll-on, try our natural deodorant paste!
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- purified water
- Zinc sulphate
- Xanthan gun
- Sweet orange oil
- Potassium sorbate
- Olive oil
- Tea tree oil
- Lemon myrtle oil
- Lavender oil
- Citric acid
- Patchouli oil
- Natural vitamin E
- Calendula flower extract
- Targeted erecta flower extract
- Soya bean oil

- Alumininum free and allows the body to sweat.
- Antiseptic to control body odour.
- Leaves skin feeling hydrated and not greasy.