Magic Magnesium Spray

Magic Magnesium Spray


DESCRIPTION: Our Magic Magnesium Spray has been getting a lot of attention recently and so should it! It is one of our most popular products #BestSeller as it really does work #MAGIC !! We use 100% PURE A Grade Magnesium Chloride, a high quality magnesium that has magical topical benefits! The modern diet is drastically deficient in magnesium which is needed for hundreds of functions of every cell in our bodies. Transdermally (through the skin) is the most effective way to supplement magnesium! It can absorb into the bloodstream within 20 seconds and affects can be felt in as little as 20 minutes! Magnesium can help with muscle pain, muscle tension, joint pain, cramps, post workout / injury, headaches / migraines, fatigue, menopause symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness and so much more!
DIRECTIONS: Start with a spray or 2 in the affected area and rub in. Increase as needed and levels can be maintained with a couple of sprays on the soles of your feet before bed.
NOTE: You May feel a slight tingle or sting on skin contact but this is a normal indication of magnesium absorbing into the skin and will subside!
We have 3 different sizes of magnesium!
125mL - $22
250mL - $40
500mL - $60
Once your container is empty, bring it back and refill for 10% discount!


100% Pure highly concentrated Magnesium oil

Highly concentrated Pure Magnesium oil is a versatile tool of health providing benefits that show up in your skin. When you use magnesium oil on a regular basis you feel more relaxed. You are more resistant to stress, and less likely to suffer the symptoms of depression or anxiety.

The modern diet, with an overabundance of refined grains, processed foods and sugars, contains very little magnesium. Even the magnesium inside whole grains and fresh vegetables has been declining steadily in recent years because of depletion of minerals in our soils, making magnesium supplementation necessary for most people. Naturopaths recommend the use of transdermal magnesium chloride as the most effective way to improve your magnesium levels quickly.

This method of applying magnesium oil could not be simpler. Spray it on your skin and rub it in, on a regular basis, and you will feel a lot better. And, there are a few things you can do, to help your magnesium oil be even more effective.

Rinse off perspiration before applying the oil. The sodium in the salt you sweat out onto your skin competes with magnesium for reentry into your body.

Rinse off soap before applying magnesium oil. The alkali in soap, in this case, is not beneficial, since it immobilizes magnesium and turns it into a salt that clings to your skin without your body absorbing it.

Magnesium is very successful, but not as commonly applied to the treatment of almost any kind of pain, when magnesium oil is applied directly to the skin.

Arthritic pain
Brittle nails
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Heart palpitations
Kidney stones
Lower back pain
Muscle pain & D.O.M.S
Neck pain
Restless legs syndrome
Sports injuries
Symptoms of menopause, especially hot flashes

Magnesium oil also has benefits for skin. It can clean out pores, by eradicating tiny flakes of dead skin by removing the protein glue on the surface. And regular use promotes the growth of healthy skin cells, wards off acne and will help with wrinkles

A long list of health conditions, from diabetes to joint pain, slowly improve when you use magnesium oil. And sometimes the effect on general health is so great that people notice their skin just glows. But there are also specific cosmetic benefits of magnesium oil for your skin.

Use Magnesium Oil as a Gentle Scrub
Magnesium oil is really not an oil at all. It is a concentrated solution of naturally occurring mineral salts, including magnesium chloride, naturally mixed with water. There are so many beneficial minerals in magnesium oil that it feels slippery, and it will tend to stay on your skin, but it will never clog your pores. Magnesium oil will help open them. Clogged pores are often blocked by tiny flakes of dead skin, too small to be observed by the naked eye. These microscopic flakes dull the luster of your skin, forming an invisible layer over the vibrant, still-growing skin beneath them.

When you apply magnesium oil to your skin, some of the minerals in the oil cross into your skin to nourish it and the tissues beneath it, but some of them desiccate dead skin even further. The application of magnesium oil breaks up the protein that keeps dead skin on the surface, so that when you rinse off the dried salt, you rinse off dead skin flakes along with it. The result is healthier skin with pores that are more free to drain, keeping them from forming whiteheads that turn into blackheads and pimples.

Applying magnesium oil directly to your skin provides it with its needed magnesium first, which it then shares with the rest of the body once the mineral reaches the blood vessels beneath the basal layer, the skin-regenerating layer, at a depth of about 25 cells below the surface.

Use Magnesium Oil to Fight Fine Lines and Wrinkles on the Face
Dead skin does not just clog pores. It can also anchor the edges of fine lines and wrinkles. Any kind of exfoliation (removal of dead skin) can reduce tension on the edges of wrinkles so that they smooth out and are less noticeable. Sometimes a line or wrinkle will completely disappear. Alpha-hydroxy acids are more effective for exfoliation than magnesium oil, we have to admit. But magnesium oil will nourish the skin and help it grow faster, restoring color at the same time it helps you smooth your skin. And if you have sensitive dry or oily skin, magnesium oil may be what you need to prevent the formation of blemishes that can occur when you use exfoliants that are too strong.

Use Magnesium Oil to Prevent Sun Spots of Discoloration
Magnesium is essential for the formation of enzymes in ever cell in the body, including the skin. Every enzyme in your skin needs to keep its inflammatory responses to the sun or infection from running wild, so it requires magnesium. The enzymes that stimulate the growth of healthy, normally pigmented skin in its lower layers require magnesium. And if there is any important mineral in which you are likely to be deficient, it is magnesium.

Just a spray of magnesium oil on inflamed skin at night will help protect it from discoloration from sunlight during the day.

The oil needs to stay in contact with your skin at least half an hour, preferably up to eight hours while you sleep, so it can be more completely absorbed. Applying magnesium oil on other parts of your body may also help, but not as much as applying it directly to areas of inflammation.

Some people who have sensitive skin report a little burning or stinging when they use magnesium oil. That isn't because there is anything in the oil that actually burns the skin. That is because it is highly concentrated salt water. The solution is simple. Just dilute the magnesium oil solution with water. Because magnesium oil is really a concentrated water solution, it is completely soluble in water, although you could also add it to cold cream.

Joint pain and muscle pain caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
Magnesium Oil is a healthy, non-addictive alternative that may even help your body repair and restore cartilage around damaged joints.

There is no safer or simpler remedy for the relief of joint and arthritic pain, than magnesium oil. Use it daily for maximum effect.

Magnesium is chemically just close enough to calcium that it can occupy the same spots on the on the surface of neurons that sense pain. Magnesium turns off the transmission of pain without interfering with the health of the cartilage that holds joints in place.

Magnesium Oil to Treat Depression and Anxiety
Magnesium relieves anxiety by providing the brain with something it needs, rather than by stopping the brain from performing its functions

As Magnesium reduces muscle pain (and cramps), and arthritis-joint-pain, helps relieve joint pain caused by arthritis.....Less pain leads to less anxiety.

Magnesium Oil helps to promote better and more restful sleep. Spray it and rub into your feet for a wonderful restful sleep.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.