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amazing on all skin types, great for acne, fine lines, pigmentation. Exfoliate, nourish and detox at once! You will come out with new skin!

This clay mask can be used as is or customise it to your liking!  

Apply an even layer of the mask to dry skin over the entire face avoiding the eye area and allow it to dry. To remove, use a damp cloth on the face, pressing gently down with your fingertips. By dampening the mask it allows it to return to a creamy consistency and allowing easy removal of the mask. Once thoroughly removed, apply a moisturiser.

Other DIY Ideas:

Create a 50:50 mix with our moisturising cream for a creamy pink body clay wrap.

Blend with a little of our Luxury Face Oil or Vitamin C Serum for an anti-ageing gelled mask enriched with collagen and rosehip oil.

Combine a 50:50 mix with Aloe Vera Gel for a light and easy-to-spread cooling mask.

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils!

Add a little Rose Water to a little in a dish to apply.

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