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Coconut & Vanilla Organic Body Scrub

Coconut & Vanilla Organic Body Scrub


This decadent body scrub is packed with real coconut, gorgeous oils and has a hint of vanilla. You will find the coconut pieces throughout the scrub which absorb the oils and release them deep into your skin when scrubbing! Coconut oil will heal eczema, psoriasis and dry skin conditions as well as scarring. The organic raw and coconut sugars will remove any dead skin and the oils will deeply moisturise so that you won't have to after showering.   

Beautiful to use in the shower or bath! The gorgeous oils will love your skin. 

Available in a 500g refillable tub


If you are visiting our store bring your refillable tub with you and refill for only $22.50


* Packaging may vary depending on season

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