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DEODORANT Paste ~ Activated Charcoal and Magnesium


Natural Deodorant Paste:
DESCRIPTION: Our Natural Deodorant paste allows the body to naturally release toxins from the body... SWEAT! Free of Aluminium, Sodium Bicarbonate and fragrance! A blend of essential oils are contained in our deodorant paste to help prevent and reduce the build up of bacteria under our arms which gives us a horrible smell (BO - Body Odour). A great deodorant suitable for even the most sensitive underarm areas, leaving a smooth silky feel to your skin.
We recommend using this product in conjunction/ or after using our Natural summer citrus roll on deodorant! Natural products do change in different conditions so be mindful that in warmer conditions it can tend to liquify. #AllNatural #Organic #DeodorantPaste #AlumininumFree#SodiumBicarbonateFree #fragrancefree #SWEATISGOOD

- Shea butter
- Organic cacao
- Virgin coconut oil
- Sweet almond oil
- Natural vitamin E
- Activated charcoal
- Arrowroot
- Essential oil blend
- Magnesium oil

- Charcoal is a detoxing agent which assists drawing the toxins out of our body.
- Provides a relief to sensitive underarm areas.
- Essential oil blend has antibacterial and antiseptic properties to reduce and prevent body odour.
- Arrowroot is an absorbent agent which is great for sweat and leaves a smooth silky feel.

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