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Orchard St Shatavari

Orchard St Shatavari

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Asparagus racemosus (shatavari) extract 6:1, wild harvested.

Translated as 'having one hundred husbands' this ancient Ayurvedic root is a revered adaptogenic tonic to support women throughout all phases of life. Shatavari is of particular benefit when stress impacts oestrogen levels, impacting fertility and libido. Also a renowned gut tonic herb, it has demonstrated an ability to sooth, support and enhance digestive function.

Harmonise & Elevate

Active Benefits

  • Balancing of feminine energies.
  • An elevated yet calm energy.
  • Renewed pleasure and sexual vigor.


To reap the benefits stir 1/4 tsp daily into a conscious creation of choice. In a potent 6:1 wild harvested extract this herb can be taken in small amounts daily throughout the cycle.