Bare Baby Balm Bare Baby Balm Bare Baby Balm
Bare Baby Balm Bare Baby Balm Bare Baby Balm

Bare Baby Balm


Description: Our Bare Baby Balm is nourishing, healing and most importantly gentle for the little one’s skin. Use our Baby Balm all over on anything and everything; during nappy changes, when they wake up on their hair, after bath time and before bedtime. Whatever Mummy needs! All of our parents love our multipurpose Bare Baby Balm! 100ml of soothing calendula infused oils, avocado oil, apricot kernal oil and lots of love just to name a few! Fragrance free and 100% pure natural and organic ingredients for the skin of our most sensitive babies! 
- As with all natural products there can be an allergic reaction, so please patch test first. 

- Raw unprocessed bees wax
- Calendula infused rice bran oil
- Avocado oil
- Cocoa butter
- Shea butter
- Apricot Kernal oil

- Nourishing, healing and gentle for sensitive skin types including babies.
- Deeply hydrating and soothing for dry skin.
- All over baby balm for bum, body, baths and hairstyles.