BARE Food Face Cleanser

BARE Food Face Cleanser



DESCRIPTION: A liquid cleanser that is gentle for sensitive skin types and can be used regularly to cleans the face. Our Bare Food Face Cleanser is perfect for skin types that are easily irritated, often inflamed and react to most skin care products. This liquid cleanser allows you to feel a light exfoliation whilst still retaining skin moisture. The ingredients within this cleanser have been hand picked and thoroughly thought about as they offer terrific topical benefits to ensure your face is left feeling clean, nourished and hydrated after every wash!

- Ground hemp hearts
- Organic honey
- Organic colloidal oats
- Organic jojoba Castile
- Chamomile essential oil.

Ground Hemp Hearts - penetrates the inner Laura of the skin and promotes healthy collagen production.
Organic honey - contains antioxidants that help repair skin damage on collagen which in turn reduces visible signs of ageing. Cleanses pores and gently exfoliates skin. Natural hydrant.
Organic colloidal oats - mild cleanser, deeply hydrating.
Organic jojoba Castile - moisturising, antibacterial, noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic and promotes collagen production.
Chamomile- gentle and calming. #allnatural #barebodybeautyco #organicskincare #organic #hemp #foodbasedskincare #plantbasedskincare