100% Natural and Unscented Hair Shampoo

100% Natural and Unscented Hair Shampoo


No synthetic fragrance, no foaming agents, no detergent - just pure castile base shampoo that you can use on ANY type of hair, coloured or not.

Castile is a handmade product that is made from coconut and olive - which is perfect for hydration!

Use a little less than you normally would, work up to a lather on wet hair, rinse well and repeat if needed. Since it contains no foaming agents, it wont suds up as much as commercial shampoo, but we can guarantee its cleaning your hair, leaving it soft, glossy, and with no build up of any kind! Comes in a spray bottle so there is no wastage, and like many of our BASICS, it is refillable in-store only, in Berrima.

If you want to add your favourite fragrance a few drops of essential oil and mix well. 

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