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Diatomaceous Earth 100g

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Ingredients: Australian certified organic diatomaceous earth…… and lots of love.

An amazing detoxing product for your personal health and wellbeing. The ultimate must-have for families, house, pets and livestock. Suitable for vegans, gluten free, GMO free. Some of the many benefits of diatomaceous earth include:

-Internal parasite control

-Digestive health

-Gentle gut cleanser (colonic)

-The high silica content improves skin elasticity and supports collagen production

-Supports the bodies natural defence system

-Dust your pets and their bedding with DE to control fleas, mites and ticks

-Strengthens teeth & gums

- Use as a face mask

-Naturally detoxes

-Improves overall health

Directions: We do not provide actual information for oral use, as it varies from person to person, protocol to protocol. This information is available online or from a health care professional for your personal evaluation.

As a guide, adults can start with a half a teaspoon once a day and gradually increase over a few weeks. Can be mixed with water, juices, smoothies or yoghurt. Make sure to drink plenty of water while using this product to assist with the expulsion of toxins. To assist with your detox, we also recommend consuming charcoal powder or tablets to help absorb and flush the toxins from your body.