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Superfeast YANG Gua Sha

Superfeast YANG Gua Sha

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Focusing on the fascia of the body, our Yang Gua Sha tool is designed to be used with a firm pressure, facilitating a stronger grip that is ideal for the larger muscle groups. Use to break up and release myofascial tissue, muscle tension and stimulate the smooth flow of Qi, toning and sculpting the skin.


*The Yang Gua Sha can be used to perform on both the face and the body, our product description aside, if you feel more drawn to one shape over the other we encourage choosing the tool that feels most aligned with you and your practice.


Benefits for the entire body:

  1. Encourage the smooth flow of Qi throughout the body

  2. Stimulate lymphatic circulation and cellular regeneration

  3. Promote detoxification and immune function

  4. Support skin elasticity and quality

  5. Sculpt and tone

  6. Relieve muscle tension

  7. A self loving practice

We recommend not using the Gua Sha over tiles or hard surfaces to prevent any potential damage or breakage. If dropped on hard surfaces it will act like a ceramic or glass and shatter. We suggest laying down a towel or a blanket and holding the Gua Sha with an oil free hand.